Good Shepherd Endowment Fund

A Tool for Ministry Growth and a Lasting Legacy for Our Members


The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Endowment and Endowment Committee were established in the bylaws of the Congregation during its 2015 Annual Meeting. 

The purpose of the Endowment is to:

  1. Promote the growth of the church by providing scholarships to seminarians

  2. Support ministries, missions, and activities that help those in need and spread the good news of Christ into the broader community.

The committee is blessed to have the following faithful servants: Pastor Dave Sonnenberg, Christina Bauer, Kirk Betts, Gary Bowman, Bill Buslee, and Tim Smith.

The Endowment has had an impact in its first few years!  We were blessed to have the resources and opportunity to grant our first seminarian scholarships and to provide additional grants for ministries outside our walls. The Good Shepherd congregation, using our Endowment provided seminary scholarships to Julia Boudrye, Alex Stall, and Kenny Champagne.  The Endowment also provided grant money to our Social Ministry team for flood buckets to alleviate suffering in hurricane-ravaged areas in Texas and Florida, and it provided a grant to print the Gifts of Hope catalog, a ministry of the Metro Washington DC Synod that many Good Shepherd members support year after year.

The Good Shepherd Endowment fund had a very successful year of growth in 2018.  Should growth continue we expect to distribute awards (target 4% of total value)  this spring of nearly $8,500.

During 2017, the Endowment Committee implemented an annual application process and schedule for grant applications.  Interested parties are encouraged to apply for a ministry grant or scholarship.   For the 2019 grant year, the committee will receive applications from March 1st –April 30th.   The Endowment Committee will review the applications and present its recommendations to the Congregation Council in time for the Council’s May meeting.  The Grant Application can be found here.   The Seminary Scholarship application can be found here .    Note that those applying for seminary scholarship funds should be planning to serve in churches that are in full communion with the ELCA.  

The Endowment provides a wonderful opportunity to support the ministries of the ELCA,  our community, and the Committee encourages you to include a gift to the Endowment as part of your annual plan of giving.  Supporting the Endowment is a meaningful way to extend your ministry beyond your lifetime. We encourage every Good Shepherd member to consider including the Good Shepherd Endowment in your estate planning.  The Committee will provide contacts to help you get the tax and estate planning information needed to make the most of your assets. The ministries and seminarians that the Endowment support can be part of your and your loved ones’ legacies for years to come!