Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Staff


Dave Sonnenberg, Senior Pastor

1 Dave Sonnenberg.jpg

My job at Good Shepherd is: I serve as the Senior Pastor of Good Shepherd; a role I've been fortunate to have since July, 2001.

About me: I grew up in West Chester, PA then graduated from Muhlenberg College. I played shortstop on the baseball team while at Muhlenberg. I receive my Master of Divinity degree at Gettysburg Seminary (now "United Lutheran). My first call was at Grace Lutheran in Camp Hill, PA. My wife (Frances) and I have three adult children- Rachel, Becca, and Drew. Frances and I have worked in ministry together since we were young adults. We have led multiple trips to Israel and look forward to hosting another trip in the near future.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: Good Shepherd is a community of faith that is loving, welcoming, generous, and always believes that "God is calling us to be more than we are right now."

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: I enjoy walking, reading, spending time with my family, and golfing on occasion. Our family enjoys traveling to the Outer Banks of North Carolina each summer.


Kate Costa, Associate Pastor

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My job at Good Shepherd is: I love being a pastor! Serving as associate pastor here at Good Shepherd since 2017, I help lead and connect our small group ministries, as well as teach, preach, and lead worship.

About me: I grew up in Abingdon, Virginia, a small town near the Tennessee border. I went to the College of William and Mary, where I majored in Biology and Psychology (Neuroscience). I attended seminary at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (now a part of United Lutheran Seminary), and served my first call in Culpeper, Virginia, for five years before joining our staff here. My husband, Jon, and I have two kids, James and Luke.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: I love seeing all the awesome ways that our members support one another. There are so many great connections made every day, and God is always working in the details.

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: Playing in the pool or taking bike rides with our kids around our neighborhood in Rockville. We love to take longer trips to see family in Virginia, Colorado, and Illinois.


Ted Schneider, Support Pastor

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My job at Good Shepherd is: I delight in the opportunity to be an active pastor in retirement. I serve the congregation by visiting members in the hospital, praying for those in need, teaching an Adult Sunday School, and bringing communion to those who aren’t able to get to worship.

About me: I began life in Portsmouth, Virginia, with a family that was active in Lutheran worship and who brainwashed me into being a pastor. I served in that role at four congregations: St. John Lutheran Church, Millheim, PA (1959-1964), Advent Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA (1965-1971), Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Lancaster, PA (1971-1986) (Advent & St. Mark’s Lutheran Churches Merged to form Good Shepherd) and St. Luke Lutheran Church, Silver Spring, MD (1986-1995). In 1995 I was elected Bishop of the Metro DC Synod of the ELCA, where I served two terms and retired in 2007.

We recently celebrated Pastor Ted’s 60th Anniversary of Ordination. For more about Pastor Ted, read this special brochure giving thanks for his ministry through the decades.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: The excitement of the congregation. It’s a happy, welcoming family. I love being able to worship together every Sunday with my wife, Doris, for the first time in our married life.

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: Gardening, going to doctors appointments (like all old folks do), enjoying time with our children and grandchildren, and reading.


Peter Schmidt, Director of Music Ministry

5 Peter Schmidt.jpg

My job at Good Shepherd is: I’m celebrating my 25th year at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. My job is to coordinate the music program for both our traditional and contemporary services, as well as festivals and special events.

About me: I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina but spent most of my formative years growing up in Portsmouth, Virginia where my father was a Lutheran Pastor. Both my parents were deeply spiritual people who taught me early on to love God, my neighbor, and any of the sports teams from Detroit! (Pop was originally from Michigan) I consider myself a moderate on most issues and have always been best at seeing both sides of the coin! I try to treat each day as a gift!

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: So many's rich history and pride for fine music making, all my Pastors, the talented and generous folks who make the music....singers and instrumentalists alike, our tradition of outreach and social ministry, making it about Jesus, the stained glass window in Shepherd's Hall, our booming flock of children. All so good!

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: In no particular order, love the golf course, road trips with Vicki, experimenting in the kitchen or on the grill, any live concert venue, checking out triple D locations, "rock"umentaries, following the local sports teams, teaching the students at Magruder High School, beaches, mountains, airplanes, WW2, JFK, listening to older folks talk about how it used to be, a good sleep : P


Jeffrey Pannebaker, Organist

4 Jeff Pannebaker.jpg

My job at Good Shepherd is: I serve as the organist for the traditional worship service every Sunday, and collaborate with the Pastors, our Music Director, and Worship and Media Coordinator in worship planning and preparation.

About me: I grew up in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and spent every Sunday morning in First Lutheran Church, fascinated by the music, hymns, and the organ, so it was no surprise that my first job as organist was at the age of fourteen. I've been playing ever since. My full-time positions were at First Lutheran Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and Saint Luke Lutheran Church in Silver Spring, Maryland, where I retired in 2018 after thirty years as Director of Music. Linda and I have two adult children - Emily in Seattle, and Aaron in North Carolina - and five grandchildren. I graduated from Penn State, Wittenberg (where I met Linda), and the University of Pittsburgh.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: Creating hymn introductions, preparing organ literature, and supporting the choir as we lead the assembly's song every Sunday. I also enjoy interacting with our terrific staff and wonderful congregation. It is a privilege to serve God here at Good Shepherd!

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: Spending time with Linda, visiting our children and grandchildren, riding my bicycle, reading, traveling, keeping in touch with friends, following my favorite sports teams (Nationals Baseball, Penn State Football, and Penguins Hockey), and wishing I had more time to spend on my model train collection.


Frances Foltz, Director of Christian Education Ministry

My job at Good Shepherd is:

About me:

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is:

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am:


Mary Cathryn Proctor, Youth Ministry Coordinator

6 Mary Cathryn Proctor.jpg

My job at Good Shepherd is: I coordinate programs for all our youth- Elementary, Middle, and High School students- as well as teach the High School Sunday School class.

About me: I grew up in southwest Virginia with faithful Lutheran parents. I got my bachelors degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science from James Madison University and spent my post-grad year working under the ELCA as a Young Adult in Global Mission (YAGM). As a "YAGM" serving in the state South Australia (2016-2017), I worked at a private Lutheran College, mostly in the math department grades 6-11 and occasionally in the science department grades 9 - 10. I also worked at the Port Lincoln Lutheran Church office and helped coordinate the youth program. Ever since my return to the U.S.A. I have worked at Good Shepherd and have loved every minute of this ministry.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: Being in the presence of youth is always a reward - they constantly teach me about faith because they ask their genuine, curious questions with the realest of hearts. Good Shepherd Youth are the wittiest, most intelligent, and kindest folks around and I'm blessed deeply by each relationship.

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: In my free time I enjoy being outside, exploring local food/scenes, and being by myself. Down the road I'm interested in pursuing a teaching certificate for middle/high school math.


Philip Meuschke, Worship & Media Coordinator

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My job at Good Shepherd is: I help our pastors & music staff with worship planning (bulletin creation, etc.), and I also help run our audio-video systems here at Good Shepherd.

About me: I'm a native Washingtonian (born at Washington Hospital Center), and grew up here in the DC area. Good Shepherd has been my home congregation since I was 3 years old, and I am honored and humbled to now be able to have serve here since 2015 and give back to this community that has given me so much over the years.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: The people - everyone here feels like family to me.

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: performing at Oktoberfests with my German dance group, attending Nationals & Orioles baseball games with family & friends, making music, or simply reading a good book.


Vicki Schmidt, Business Manager

My job at Good Shepherd is: managing the day-to-day business, finance and property operations of the church.

About me: I'm a life-long Lutheran, born and raised in Montgomery County. A detour from my early aspirations to become a professional singer took me into an HR position with the Fed Government, then on to a business management and HR director role with a nonprofit. After years of working in DC, parenthood pulled at me to find a job closer to home and here I am many years later still at Good Shepherd. This position has allowed me to utilize many of my administrative gifts while also finding a place to share my passion for music and singing in worship.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: Working for the church is a very special calling, even for the lay person. God uses us in many interesting, unexpected, fun, exciting and challenging ways.

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: Doing something artistic, crafty or creative; gardening; exploring contemporary Christian music to use in worship; relishing my new role as "grandma!"


Mary Jo Anderson, Connections Coordinator

10 Mary Jo Anderson.jpg

My job at Good Shepherd is: When asked this question, I have an urge to start humming Getting to Know You from The King and I. Getting to know you, all about you … I am here to intentionally welcome, to nurture relationships, and to make connections with people, ministries, and opportunities for service. I also schedule Worship Assistants (Greeters, Ushers, Communion Assistants, and Readers). I joined the staff in the summer of 2018.

About me: A cradle Lutheran, born and raised in Wisconsin, I moved to the metro DC area in 1995. I’ve worked in Fashion Merchandising, Corporate and Health Care Human Resources, Hospice Services, and Administrative Support at a preschool. Sharing this journey with me is my husband, Kevin. We are proud parents of two adult daughters, Elizabeth and Emily.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: Helping people to connect with one another is exciting work. Everyone wants to know they matter, that they are enough, that they are heard. Good Shepherd’s programs, people, and the Gospel provide these gifts. What an honor it is to welcome others into this church family I have personally been a part of for more than two decades. We walk the talk! God’s Work. Our Hands.

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: I’m a reader and writer, lover of words. A loyal American Idol fan and avid Project Runway viewer. You might find me driving through the countryside or walking through a fabric store to turn down the noise of the world. I like making things—knitting, crocheting, stitching—friendships, connections, a difference—desserts, coffee, and conversation.


Cathy Lipton, Administrative Assistant

My job at Good Shepherd is: I help to ensure smooth operations of our church office and support our pastors, staff and members.

About me: I was born in Rillton, Pennsylvania, but at a young age, I lived in London, England for 5 years while my grandmother was assigned to the American Embassy. When we returned to the States, we lived in McLean, Virginia for the remainder of my childhood. Upon meeting my husband, Roger, thirty years ago, I moved to Maryland and have lived here ever since. We have a son, Blake, who is currently an news anchor and reporter. People tell me I am strong in my faith, but I believe I’m still a work in progress.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: Everything, let me count the ways! First, I enjoy working with the church staff because they are team players in a very active church. Second, the church has wonderful bible studies and activities for all ages. Third, members are very involved in various outreach programs for our community and in countries that need assistance. Fourth, it is a very diverse congregation. However, what I like most about Good Shepherd is the church community. They are such a generous, caring and welcoming community.

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: I enjoy spending time with my family. Also, I’m a proud owner of a wire fox terrier named, Happy (Go Lucky). We go on many adventures which one day I hope to write a book. Also, from time to time, I enjoy acting in community theater as well as attending plays. I enjoy my home, singing, reading, the beach, traveling, the mountains and my family and friends.


Drew Sonnenberg, Communications Assistant

My job at Good Shepherd is: I compile, edit, and format the articles for the Shepherd’s Post (our bulletin announcements) and the Friday E-blast.

About me: I am the son of Mrs. Frances and Pastor Dave, so I have spent a lot of time at Good Shepherd over the years. I am currently a student at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and I often do this work from afar, but love when I get to come back and work in the office.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: The people. I love my church family and our staff. They make the work fun!

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: Probably socializing. I should be studying, doing work, or running at the gym, but you will likely find me chatting with my girlfriend, Sammie, or at the nearest Target. Also, I am probably watching or talking about “The Good Place,” check it out on NBC.


Colleen Fischer, Co-Director, GSLC Preschool

My job at Good Shepherd is: I am the weekday preschool's Educational Program Director. I put together the school's curriculum based on the state's early childhood learning goals, train teachers, and lead our music and chapel classes.

About me: I'm originally from Erie, Pennsylvania. I dug my way out from under my hometown's usual three feet of snow and lived in Las Vegas, Seattle, and Europe for a few years before finally landing here with my husband, Scott. I previously worked as an elementary school and pre-kindergarten teacher.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: I love helping children discover the joy of learning and instilling in them the knowledge that they are loved so much, by everyone here at Good Shepherd and by God.

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: Spending time with my dog, playing the guitar, and cycling.


Jennifer Coxson, Co-Director, GSLC Preschool

My job at Good Shepherd is: I am the GSLP Administrative Director. I work with parents on school forms and tuition, and keep track of the budget and other administrative jobs.

About me: I am an Army brat and moved a lot when I was a child. I still love to travel and to read books. I have 3 tall sons and am told that I am now the shrimp of the family.

What I like most about working at Good Shepherd is: I love seeing the little kids during the school year and the bigger kids during Sunday School. I also love all of the events and service opportunities that are available for kids of all ages.

When I'm not at Good Shepherd, I am: Reading, doing water aerobics, grocery shopping and dreaming of future trips!