We’re so glad you’re here. At Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, we recognize that “We were all new once!” and so we want to help make it as easy as possible for you to worship God with us.

We know it takes courage to walk into a new place. Below are a few tips for your first visit to help you know what to expect. You can also read a welcome from one of our pastors. All are welcome at our church.


Before you leave home…

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decide on a worship service to visit

We have two different services each Sunday. Our traditional service features the organ and choir, while the contemporary service includes a band and vocalists. If you’re not sure, we recommend you try them both and see what feels best for you!

Get the directions

Good Shepherd is easy to find! We are centrally located in Gaithersburg in Montgomery County, MD. You can find us on Rt. 355 (Frederick Ave.) very close to 270, the ICC (MD 200), and 370. Just click here to navigate to our church.

Plan your wardrobe (or not)

Whatever you wear, know that you will be welcome here. You’ll find many different types of “Sunday best” at Good Shepherd. Shirts and ties, skirts, “Live Generously” T-shirts, jeans, shorts, saris, and Kente cloth dresses are all often seen in our diverse congregation. Some people dress up every week, some are more casual. All are praising God!

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When you first arrive…

There’s Lots of parking

If you don’t see a space right away in our main parking lot, you can also park at Rosemont Elementary School or just across the street at the Casey Building. You may park on both sides of the Casey Building.

head for the main doors

When you first arrive, look for the large brown awning with four doors. A greeter will welcome you into the building. Please just let us know if you need help finding anything!

Make yourself comfortable

There are plenty of bathrooms, coat racks, water fountains and umbrella stands easily available. Just veer left when you enter the building and you’ll find everything you need. We also have breakfast and coffee available between our two worship services. Children are always welcome in worship, but you’ll also find the nursery and changing tables to the left of the main entrance.

As you get ready for worship…

Turn Right for the sanctuary

Our worship space is called the sanctuary, and it is just to the right as you enter the building.

get a worship bulletin

Greeters will hand you a bulletin that has everything you will need to participate in worship. It also has our announcements and information about upcoming events in “The Shepherd’s Post.”

make a plan for the kiddos

Kids are always welcome! We offer “busy boxes” with lots of activities for learning about God and playing during worship that you can pick up on your way into the sanctuary. We also have a nursery if the little ones need a break for a bit. In between services, we have Christian Education for all ages during our programming year.

grab a seat

When you walk into the sanctuary, sit where you feel most comfortable. We have many comfy, padded green chairs waiting for you!

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On your way out…

pick up a welcome bag

Grab a welcome bag from the stands at the back of the sanctuary as you leave the church. We also encourage you to sign in on the attendance pads so that we can contact you and thank you for visiting.

Say hello

As you leave, you can take the chance hello to one of our pastors. Let them know if you would like to have coffee, or have any prayer requests or other needs. Our Connections Coordinator, Mary Jo, is normally on hand in the lobby to help you connect with our ministries.

Looking for more?

You can always contact any one of our staff for more information. We offer New Member Orientation sessions about once a quarter, and that’s the best way to find out more about our church when you’re ready to join. You can also sign up for our emails to see about current events and the many ways we serve God together at Good Shepherd.