Shepherd's Hall New Cross

Shepherd’s Hall’s New Cross (By Pastor Dave)

When you walk into the renovated Shepherd’s Hall, you will notice a beautiful wooden cross on the wall. First and foremost, the cross reminds us of Jesus’ love for all humanity. In addition, this cross creatively re purposes materials from Good Shepherd’s story! Ken Wagner, our Building Chair, salvaged wood from the old organ loft in Shepherd’s Hall as well as some leftover wood from the 1978 pews. Ken took the wood home, brainstormed, came up with an idea of how to merge different materials together, and then got to work in his wood shop. The result is one that I’m thrilled with. I am sure you will be delighted when you see it. Thank you, Ken!  



Our five weeks of Summer Sunday School began on June 16 and continues through July 14. We've had a blast so far! But what will happen after the five weeks?


Council voted at our April meeting to adapt our Sunday morning schedule for the second half of summer (July 21 to September 1). We will offer two worship services during that time with fellowship opportunity between the services. Sunday School will go on hiatus, giving us a chance to plan for the fall!


"Second Half of Summer" Schedule (Sundays, July 21 to September 1)

       8:45 am             Traditional Worship (15 Minutes Earlier Than Normal)

       9:45 am             Fellowship Time Between Services (No Sunday School)

      10:30 am            Contemporary Worship (1 Hour Earlier Than Normal)

The new website is here

We are delighted to share that our new website is live! Our site ( is a great hub that includes rich information about our church, for both members and new people alike. There are still a few tweaks to be made in the coming weeks and you’ll see more blog posts and updated content every week.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • The domain name will stay the same. Go to, just like you used to do!

  • We have a new section under News called “Recent E-Newsletters”. There you can find the weekly e-newsletters for the church, youth, and more. This is the best place to look for current events, signup information, etc.

  • There is also a calendar that contains information about nearly every event we host. Click on the “Calendar” tab or go to

  • Our staff page has been expanded and updated. This is one of the first places new visitors check!

  • You always find our new sermons on the front page of the website, as well as the most recent blog post.

  • Visitors often find us first online! Please help us spread the good news by posting a 5 star review on Google or Facebook, sharing, and checking in on social media. We need your help to stay relevant in this digital age.

Building Connections Special Gifts

Greetings everyone.  The renovation of Shepherd's Hall is going well.  When I walk into that construction zone, it looks more and more like the conceptual drawings. Amen!  The crew at Porter Construction is doing a great job. 

Last week, we mailed out a brochure to each household called "Building Connections: Special Gifts".  We are now in the process of ordering new tables, chairs, artwork, etc for Shepherd's Hall and for the Education Wing.  We'd like to invite you to consider making a dedication in honor/memory of someone and help us furnish our newly renovated spaces.   Read through the brochure below and act quickly.  This short furnishing campaign will run through August 15.   

Pastor Dave


Click here to view Special Gifts Opportunities



Click here to view Special Gifts Selection Form