Building Connections Capital Campaign (2018-20)


Dear Members and Friends of Good Shepherd,

A Lego is a colorful plastic brick toy.  By itself, a Lego “isn’t much.” The real  power of a Lego piece is that it can interlock and connect with other Legos. Legos are created to connect. Legos can be arranged and re-arranged into exciting new designs.  Every piece matters and represents powerful possibilities. New pieces fit with older pieces.  In fact, Legos that exist today will be able to connect with   pieces that haven’t even been made yet.  

Like Legos, we know that every person matters and every Christian is meant to connect. Our Building Connections campaign will enable our church to reach and connect with at least 300 new people in the next three years, include at least 20% of our members in small groups, help people find places to serve, strengthen the witness of the larger Christian       community, and make some key improvements to our ministry facilities.  I am  confident we will look back at the end of 2020 and be grateful for this bold adventure.  

We live in interesting times.  We live in turbulent times. We live in an age when some are skeptical of religion.  However, we know that we are called “for such a time as this” and our faith is strong.  God will put many possibilities in front of us.  I am certain that we will Build Connections and show the world a powerful witness of hope, love, and encouragement.  Thanks in advance for your partnership and your overflowing generosity. 

In Christ, 

Pastor Dave Sonnenberg