Wednesday Evening Bible Study Starts September 25

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Join Pastor Jan Lookingbill in Room 202 at 7:30 pm each Wednesday (starting September 25) for a study of the Book of Daniel - “Undeterred, Undefiled, the Keeper of Secrets.”

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Daniel is probably the last book to be written and included in the Old Testament Canon. It purports to be about a "worthy" Jew in the Babylonian Captivity of the 6th century, but was only written in the 2nd century. Dan'el, the Hebrew form of the name, means "my judge is God," and is clearly the wise and pious one who teaches that God is the only judge, the only power and the only way to understand "His-story," the story that will be fulfilled in the messianic kingdom.




FALL 2019

The Rev. Jan P. Lookingbill 

Daniel, in Hebrew, “Dan’el,” means “my judge is God,” and is the name of the book that is likely the latest book of the Old Testament to be written and included in the Canon.  Through six edifying stories and four dream-visions that purport to be from the Babylonian Captivity in the 6th century B.C., Daniel tells the reader that because of the superiority of the wisdom of Israel’s God over merely human wisdom, faithfulness to their religion will be rewarded and they will be saved from persecution.  Actually the book was written during the time of the Maccabees in the 2nd century B.C. during the terror and persecution of Antiochus IV Epiphanes around 164 B.C.  Daniel is featured as a “worthy” Jew, the name being twice mentioned in Ezekiel. His stories were well known, traditional examples of faithfulness in the face of persecution and serve as inspiration to all those enduring the conflict between their religion and the paganism of oppressive rulers.  The book is written in a mixture of Aramaic and Hebrew and is the only apocalyptic book in the Hebrew Scriptures. Interesting to Jewish and Christian study of the book is the location in the respective Cannons: In Hebrew Scriptures, Daniel is among the third group of books, the Hagiographa, or “writings,” after the Torah and the Prophets; in the Christian Bible, Daniel is located just after the major Prophet Ezekiel, indicating it’s prophetic voice for the Christian Church.  The significant theological issues in Daniel are later developed in the New Testament Revelation of John: namely, the apocalyptic “revelation” by angels of fantastic visions that interpret both past and present history that lead to the establishment of the messianic kingdom. It is an interpretation of “His-story” in God’s name, as seen by him. The first mention of “Resurrection of the body” appears in 12.2, a unique reference in all of Hebrew Scripture, which reaches a full realization in the New Testament Gospel.  The term “Son of man” is borrowed from Daniel as the preferred title that Jesus uses for himself in the stories in the Gospels.  

25 Sept.  Chpt. 1: Daniel and his friends.  A story to teach how faithful observance of Law is rewarded.

2 Oct. Chpt. 2:  Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  A story to teach how feeble is human wisdom compared to God’s revelation of mysteries.

9 Oct. Chpt. 3: Three youth in a fiery furnace.  A story to show that marytdom is preferred to apostasy.

16 Oct. Chpt. 4: Nebuchadnezzar’s madness.  A story to show how helpless is heathen power against the true God.

23 Oct. Chpt. 5: Belshazzar’s festival.  A story to show that divine punishment is visited on sacrilege.

30 Oct. Chpt. 6: Daniel in the Lion’s den.  A story to show how God will deliver faithful servants.

6 Nov. Chpt. 7: Vision of the four beasts.  A vision of the passing of the kingdoms to make way for the Kingdom of God.

13 Nov. Chpt. 8: Vision of the Ram and the male goal.  I vision for Daniel about the end of time.

20 Nov. Chpt. 9: Prophesy of the 70 weeks.  Daniel’s prayer of confession, referencing the prophesy of Jeremiah.

27 Nov. No Class on Thanksgiving Eve

4 Dec. Chpt. 10: A vision of the last days: Prologue.  Daniel is mourning.

11 Dec. Chpt. 11: A vision of the last days: An interpretation of history unfolding.  

18 Dec. Chpt. 12: A vision of the last days: Epilogue.  The final consummation when Michael, the great prince and protector, will arise, along with the 1st clear reference to Resurrection.