Thank You, Faith & Fritz!


My father-in-law, Fritz, retired in the summer of 2002, after having served as Co-Pastor of St. James Lutheran in Gettysburg for 35 years. St. James was a dynamic church because he and Pastor Ed Keyser reminded the congregation over and over again- “you are all ministers.” Quite frankly, that is the key to a growing church- namely, that every single person understands that by virtue of their baptism, God has called them into ministry. That is what I seek to emphasize here at Good Shepherd - we are all servants. And the synonym for servant is minister! We minister. We care. We extend the love of Jesus here at church and in our daily work. All of us!


My mother in law, Faith, is a prime example of ministry. She has taught Sunday school for kids and led elementary youth group, she’s organized adult education, cooked for groups that meet in her home, visits the sick, writes cards to shut-ins, and simply is an extension of God’s goodness. 


Fritz and Faith are a great team. For the last 16-17 years, Fritz and Faith have come down to Good Shepherd on Thursday mornings to facilitate a study.  It’s been more than a study. It’s been a gathering of friends and people who support one another. Fritz and Faith’s retirement has been blessed and enriched by new friends at GSLC. Although we will still see them at Good Shepherd from time to time, this past Thursday marked the final time they’ll be coming down to lead the Thursday group. The trek down 270 from Gettysburg is getting a bit tiring. They’ll keep leading groups closer to home in the coming days. No doubt, their ministry will continue. Thanks be to God for their faithfulness. They are two of my greatest teachers and they continue to inspire me!