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Parking as an Act of Hospitality and Care

As we head into the fall, we will see a surge in attendance. It’s an important time to give a quick reminder; namely - your parking witness matters! It’s always nice to get a spot close to the front door of the church, but it’s an incredible gesture of hospitality if we can leave the closest spots for those who really need to be close. So, if you are able to park further away and get an extra few steps in, you really help us out. You are leaving space for many precious people: 1) those with mobility issues 2) new people and 3) those with small children who will be coming for Sunday school. With plenty of parking at Rosemont Elementary (half a block away) and both sides of the Casey Building (next door to Good Shepherd), I invite you to join me this fall in parking further away (if you can!). Will you join me?