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Every August, Frances makes me go to Target for back to school shopping. We head to the aisle of school supplies and proceed to find notebooks that are on sale for 25 cents. During the rest of the year such notebooks are more than a dollar but in August, they are cheap.  So, we buy about 400 of them along with many boxes of crayons.  It takes two trips to the register and two trips to the car to get all the supplies.   The supplies aren’t for our kids. They are for our annual Memorial Day Project in which we prepare school kits for children around the globe.



When you have a cart of overflowing notebooks, people notice. Some look at you with suspicion, as if you might be robbing the store. Others look at you with a level of curiosity. Some simply ask you what you’re doing.  One woman and her college age daughter asked me, “are you a teacher?”  I told them I was a Pastor of a Lutheran church in Gaithersburg and the supplies were going to be donated to kids overseas as part of a project we’d be doing. The daughter said, “cool.”  The mom said, “that’s really neat”.  We went in separate lines to pay.  It took me a while to check out because of the volume.  I was talking to the checkout employee when suddenly, the inquisitive woman came up to me and handed me a $10 bill.  “I want to be a part of what you’re doing, so please let me help!”   I thanked her, she smiled, and we went our separate ways. 


The woman’s words have stuck with me— I want to be a part of what you’re doing, so please let me help!” It was a great witness and a reminder to me that people in our world are hungering to be a part of things that are meaningful.  As Christians, that applies to us.  We want to bless others. We want to make a difference.  We want our faith to have lasting impact on the world.  I am very proud of the work we do at Good Shepherd. I’m proud that we have more and more folks who experience our ministry and say with their time, talent, and resources, “I want to be a part of this, so let me help!”  So, as we start the fall, take action.  Be a part of the wave of generous giving at Good Shepherd.  Go to and make a gift today.   


As we head into September, I want to say thanks be to God for the ministry of Peter Schmidt!   Peter has been our Director of Music Ministry for a quarter of a century. This September marks his 25th year leading us in song at Good Shepherd.  We will have a time in worship on Sunday, September 29 to say a public thank you for a job well done. My hope and prayer is that Peter is ready to serve another 25 years!


peter schmidt.jpg

Peter clearly loves the Lord and loves leading us in worship. I enjoy watching him direct our chancel choir and special ensembles. He leads our contemporary band with such passion and energy. He “pulls out all the stops” for Christmas, Easter, and the festivals of the church year. He is generous with his time and the consummate team player. His encouraging presence is one that lifts me up time and time again.  He is a great “shepherd” for our choirs; continually sending messages of thanks and encouragement for a job well done.


When you think of the strengths of Good Shepherd, I am certain that you will mention our music. And, I’m just as certain that you’ll think of Peter right away! But Peter is very humble.  He continually reminds us that what he does is for the glory of God. And secondly, he reminds us that he is carrying on a great legacy of music that’s always been a part of Good Shepherd.  As we enter September, we remind ourselves how God has blessed us in giving us such a great musician and friend in Peter Schmidt!  Please reach out and share your gratitude this month. 




Thanks to Peter, Jeff, Vicki, our band, and all those who sang as part of special ensembles this summer.   At Good Shepherd, we have special music every Sunday of the year.  Know that your generous support enables us to provide a top-notch staff, dynamic worship, and special music every Sunday of the year! To make an online donation or set up recurring donation to support Good Shepherd, visit

Introducing Give+Text Option

New GIVE+TEXT is now an option for making your contribution to Good Shepherd.  It's easy!

1.  Simply dial 301-960-5594 on your mobile phone, then enter the amount you wish to give (Example: 10, 25, 100).  Press "Send."

2.  ** You will receive a registration link where you will enter your contact and payment information.  Then tap the "Process" button.

3.  After you've completed your registration, you will receive a verification text as well as a receipt via email.

** Note:  For future giving, simply send a text with the amount you wish to give, and it will process automatically.

Your contribution will be applied directly to the church's general operating fund to help support the important ministries of our church!