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The Metaphor of the “Lit” Window

For more than forty years, people have come to Good Shepherd and marveled at the enormous window in Shepherd’s Hall. The “Shepherd window” is beautiful, warm, and vibrant. We’ve seen it from the inside when we’ve gathered for worship, fellowship, and education. However, that window has never been lit up in such a way that folks can see it as they drive by; at day or at night. I came to church on a recent Thursday evening and, to my surprise, the Shepherd window was shining bright for all to see. Apparently, when we intentionally turn on the new LED lights in Shepherd’s Hall in the darkness of night, the beautiful colors pour out for all the world to see. 


This is a great metaphor. Our church is called to shine brightly amid times such as this; when much of our culture is anxious, confused, and looking for hope. As the people of Good Shepherd, we know we provide that hope. We are confident. We follow the Spirit, we model our lives around the teaching of Jesus, and we strive to overflow with generosity so that this congregation shines brightly.


Help our ministry shine brightly in 2020 with your intentional generosity. In the coming weeks, we’ll be providing lots of information about the 2020 Ministry Year; ways in which we’ll continue to strengthen and grow our ministry. We’ll also share what projects remain in our Building Connections Campaign.


Commitment Sunday is on Sunday, November 3. Every year, we celebrate the ways in which God has blessed us and we intentionally take time to commit a percentage of those resources to God’s work here at Good Shepherd. We see it as a celebration because people who learn to reflect God’s generosity help change the world! So, let’s shine and change the world together.