Summer Sunday School Ready to Begin!

Later this month, we’ll have a text in which Jesus “sets his face toward Jerusalem.” From that moment on in Luke’s Gospel, he plows forward with incredible determination. He teaches continually and expands the vision of his disciples.  He is focused. He is mission minded.  Nothing will stop him from proclaiming the Gospel along the way.

One of the things that I believe makes Good Shepherd a strong, vibrant church is our determination to keep going and remain focused on mission year-round.  This Sunday (on Sunday, June 16), we launch into our Summer Sunday School program for all ages.  Summer Sunday school will go through July 14.  Join us at 10:15am!

  • Pastor Ted will lead a series called The Who, What, & Why of the Holy Spirit.”

  • Pastor Kate will facilitate an adult class called “Lutheranism 101 and Beyond”

  • Mary Cathryn will lead the Middle School and High School Group

  • Frances has created another grand adventure for our Elementary and Preschool Students called “Super-bearo”; an innovative program to teach about some of the hero’s of the Bible. (Note-  A few of the “super-bearo’s recently disrupted my afternoon nap as you can see in the photo)

We give thanks for the leaders of these programs and the volunteers who assist in their implementation. Summer Sunday school is an important witness. We should be proud that our congregation offers this ministry. Come and be a part of it!

Good Shepherd