Summer is a great time to welcome others!

One of my favorite "why not come visit our church?" moments was freezing!  Do you remember the "Ice Bucket Challenge" that was popular in 2014 to raise money for ALS research? I decided to take the challenge, and gathered a handful of youth who were out of school for the summer to come participate too.   Right after we had dumped ice cold water over our heads in the church parking lot, a woman pulled over and rolled down her window.  She wanted to know what we were doing, and why we would do such a crazy thing in front of our church.  After our youth told her why they thought it was an important part of their faith to support those suffering, she turned to me and said, "What time is worship? I want to be a part of a church like that!  I want to be part of a church with kids like that!" I grabbed a bulletin, circled the worship time on the back, and she showed up.


The summer is full of moments, some simple, some profound, to share our faith in new and unexpected ways. At swim meets, at the beach, on the playground, hiking in the mountains- there are new places when our lives intersect with new people. When we talk about the joy we have in our church and in our faith, it is contagious. Make sure you're ready to say, in simple ways, "Why not come visit our church?" This week, we have postcards available for you to help you do just that. This Sunday, pick up a couple cards in the lobby and stash them in your your purse or glove compartment, so that you're ready to share. Help us spread the good news about God and Good Shepherd!

Click to watch Pr. Kate Costa’s Ice Bucket Challenge from 2014.

Pastor Kate Costa