There is a story in the Middle East of a man who came upon an old man planting an olive tree, which takes decades to produce good fruit.  When asked why he is planting a tree that will not benefit him, the old man replies, “Those who came before me planted, and we benefited.  I am planting so that those who come after me shall benefit.”


Amen!   When I hear that story, I hear joy in the voice of the old man.  I hear great satisfaction and confidence as he knows his giving is a blessing.  He certainly trusts and believes that the future will be fruitful.

Your giving to Good Shepherd matters. Your giving blesses us in the present.  Your giving enables us to provide dynamic programming for all ages (youth, fellowship, worship, service, support for outreach, support for the larger church).  At the same time, always remember that your generosity in the present will bear fruit in the decades to come; for people you’ve not yet met, for children not yet born, and for people who’ve not yet met Jesus.  Because of your witness in 2019, the people we are impacting today will be serving and representing Jesus in Gaithersburg and beyond for years and years to come.   

So, as we venture toward March and the season of Lent, be bold in your giving.  My prayer is that as you are bold in your generosity you will experience radical joy. Be confident and know that your support of Good Shepherd will have an impact. At the same time, you will be helping us sow seeds for a vibrant and fruitful ministry for years to come.  


To make a gift online, visit www.goserve.net/give    

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