To truly listen is one of the greatest gifts you can offer another person. Over the last year, we have been training a new group of people to serve as Stephen Ministers.  They have gone through a year of learning what it means to be a Christian caregiver.  They’ve learned how to listen, pray, and accompany someone who may be dealing with some sort of personal change or struggle.   Most of our Stephen Ministers meet with their care receivers on a weekly basis. They keep the relationships confidential so that trust can develop and so it’s a safe place for those in need.  As a result, they really help us extend the care of the church.  Let me say that again- “Stephen Ministers really help us extend the care of the church”.


On Sunday, September 22, we will commission the following to be our newest Stephen Ministers. I am excited for them and for our church as they all are kind, caring, and incredibly faithful. They will do a terrific job for us and those in need.   Please give thanks and praise for:


Carolyn Bridgett

Elise Bowman

Rhoda McKenzie

Mark Walters

Sharon Besel