Council Updates- October, 2019

Council Meeting Notes

October 2019 Meeting

This is the first of what we expect to be a regular monthly highlights of each month’s Council Meeting.

Meeting Date: October 15, 2019

Meeting opened with prayer by Bill Simmelink.

We also start the meeting with a “Moment of Faith” presented by one of the Council members. These are quite heartfelt and inspiring experiences in the person’s life. This month’s was by Belletech Deresa.

We always distribute documents (reports such Pastors’ reports, Finance, Property, Christian Ed, etc.) ahead of time so that they can be read and reviewed by each Council member. Unless there are any issues to be discussed, or changes made, we then approve by what we call the “Consent Agenda”. This frees up time for discussion on new business or other items.

This month the key items were approvals of Endowment Grants and a review of some proposed changes to the Good Shepherd Constitution.

We also reviewed finances year-to-date. 

We are running a bit behind with the Current Ministry Year Budget. We discussed areas where we will be conservative in our spending throughout the remainder of 2019. We expect to see Good Shepherd members give generously in the final quarter as they traditionally do. Pastor Dave will be crafting a letter this week to encourage a rally in the final 2 months for the Ministry Year Budget.

The meeting was closed with prayer by Pastor Kate