Committed to Being Generous

Commitment Sunday is November 3

On Sunday, November 3, we invite members of Good Shepherd to offer their financial pledges toward the 2020 Ministry Year as well as their commitments toward the final year of our Building Connections Campaign. If you previously made a pledge to the Building Connections Campaign, there will be an opportunity on the pledge card to re-affirm your commitment or make an additional gift. If you didn’t make a pledge and are in a position to do so, there will be a way to make a “new pledge.” As always, our top priority is to fully fund the 2020 Ministry Year, so we can keep doing what we do so well- namely, provide vibrant worship, communications, education for all ages, year-round youth ministry, small groups, fellowship opportunities, support the larger church, and provide for a facility that hosts countless groups. The Building Connections campaign helps us go “above and beyond” what we already are doing. You will be receiving an information piece in the mail this week to help you prayerfully consider your level of generosity in 2020. We know that Good Shepherd is a place of hope and inspiration; a needed witness in this day and age. We ask all households to help us remain vital and strong with a generous outpouring of financial support in 2020. We are confident you will rise to the occasion.