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Committed to Being Generous

Commitment Sunday is November 3

On Sunday, November 3, we invite members of Good Shepherd to offer their financial pledges toward the 2020 Ministry Year as well as their commitments toward the final year of our Building Connections Campaign. If you previously made a pledge to the Building Connections Campaign, there will be an opportunity on the pledge card to re-affirm your commitment or make an additional gift. If you didn’t make a pledge and are in a position to do so, there will be a way to make a “new pledge.” As always, our top priority is to fully fund the 2020 Ministry Year, so we can keep doing what we do so well- namely, provide vibrant worship, communications, education for all ages, year-round youth ministry, small groups, fellowship opportunities, support the larger church, and provide for a facility that hosts countless groups. The Building Connections campaign helps us go “above and beyond” what we already are doing. You will be receiving an information piece in the mail this week to help you prayerfully consider your level of generosity in 2020. We know that Good Shepherd is a place of hope and inspiration; a needed witness in this day and age. We ask all households to help us remain vital and strong with a generous outpouring of financial support in 2020. We are confident you will rise to the occasion.


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An Easy Way to Help- Gaithersburg Holiday Giving

The Community Services Division of the City of Gaithersburg serves families in need in the Gaithersburg Community in November and December through its annual Holiday Giving program.  The City anticipates serving more than 600 families in November that have been referred by nonprofit organizations and schools and more than 1,800 children during the December holidays this year. 

     Monetary and in-kind donations allow for the distribution of food in November and gifts to families in December. The City is also seeking the donation of new hat, scarf and glove sets and items for gift bags that will be distributed to both teens and older adults.  In addition to donations, Community Services welcomes volunteers to assist with the November and December distributions.  

     To make donations, volunteer, or to receive more information about the Holiday Giving program, please visit the Welcome Center in the Church lobby. You can also email Pastor Kate with questions or for more information.

Shepherd's Hall Re-Dedication and Mission Talk (Sun. Oct 20)

We’ve done a lot over the last two years at Good Shepherd.  New faces have joined the congregation and gotten very involved. New groups have started. We’ve blessed the larger church with great support. We’ve provided catalyst grants through our Endowment for ministry projects and seminary scholarships. Our Sunday school program keeps growing for all ages. Our Outreach Committee keeps on serving and finding ways for us to serve.


The Building Connections Campaign has enabled us to tackle so many physical improvements that bless our ministry. These include, but are not limited to: the education wing renovation, a new awning, new fencing lining the parking lot, a new coat room, a new music room, a new electronic sign, a new garbage coral, new exterior lighting, and of course - a completely renovated Shepherd’s Hall. We especially give thanks for all the generous support of the Special Furnishing Campaign; gifts given in honor or memory of loved ones.


Do you know what’s awesome? There’s still one more year of the campaign! We have some exciting things planned for next year! At both services on October 20, we will have a time of gratitude as we rededicate Shepherd’s Hall.  Additionally, join us in Shepherd’s Hall during the Sunday School Hour. We’ll have some food and some time of fellowship. Pastor Dave will be giving a Mission Talk starting at 10:30 a.m. In that talk, he will speak about the 2020 projects that we’ll be undertaking as well as sharing insights about the 2020 Ministry Year.  Join us!


*Note – Sunday School for kids will occur & the talk is being videotaped. 


A Day of Living Abundantly- Thanks for a great Fall Women's Retreat

Over 60 women gathered for “Christian Minimalism: Living a Truly Abundant Life”. Together we focused on God's true gifts for us- not stuff, but rather love, fulfillment and growth. We collected over $350 for the DC Diaper Bank and the Women of the ELCA, and a mountain of feminine products for the DC Diaper Bank. Thanks to all who provided food for the taco bar, setup and cleaned up fall decorations, provided wonderful worship music and so much more. The Winter Women's Retreat will be Jan. 24-26 at Shepherd's Spring Retreat Center.

A Win-Win Scenario

Sometimes there are “win/win” scenarios. We’ve encountered one of those scenarios at Good Shepherd. Thanks to the generous support of the Building Connections campaign, we’ve been able to replace every exterior light on the building in addition to the parking lot lights; all with very efficient LED lighting.  The lights will save us between $250-300/ month on utility costs plus they will be much brighter. We have many evening meetings and a well-lit parking lot is a way of extending hospitality and providing a safe environment for all the precious people who gather at Good Shepherd; members and non-members alike.  

High efficient LED lights being installed in parking lot. Sept. 26, 2019

High efficient LED lights being installed in parking lot. Sept. 26, 2019


To truly listen is one of the greatest gifts you can offer another person. Over the last year, we have been training a new group of people to serve as Stephen Ministers.  They have gone through a year of learning what it means to be a Christian caregiver.  They’ve learned how to listen, pray, and accompany someone who may be dealing with some sort of personal change or struggle.   Most of our Stephen Ministers meet with their care receivers on a weekly basis. They keep the relationships confidential so that trust can develop and so it’s a safe place for those in need.  As a result, they really help us extend the care of the church.  Let me say that again- “Stephen Ministers really help us extend the care of the church”.


On Sunday, September 22, we will commission the following to be our newest Stephen Ministers. I am excited for them and for our church as they all are kind, caring, and incredibly faithful. They will do a terrific job for us and those in need.   Please give thanks and praise for:


Carolyn Bridgett

Elise Bowman

Rhoda McKenzie

Mark Walters

Sharon Besel

Ponder Anew

What was the first song that was ever sung by the people of Good Shepherd? Let me give you some context. In November of 1964, Good Shepherd held its first public worship service at Gaithersburg Junior High School. As folks gathered, Barbara Zanner was playing a Bach prelude. As she finished, the congregation stood up and belted out their first hymn together, “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.” When I learned that, I smiled. It’s a hymn that tells the story of Good Shepherd, and a hymn I want at my funeral (someday). Here’s Verse 3:


Praise to the Lord, who will prosper your work and defend you;

surely his goodness and mercy shall daily attend you.

Ponder anew what the Almighty can do

if with his love he befriend you.


Ponder anew. Pay attention again. Be open to the possibilities God has in store for you (as an individual and as a community of faith). At Good Shepherd, we are continually “pondering anew” and always asking “God, what’s next?”   Because we ask that question on an ongoing basis, we gain insight and directions that help us minister to a needy world. As we enter September, I encourage you to ponder anew what God can do in your life. I challenge you to see this time of year as a new beginning; an opportunity to connect and grow in faith. Jump into a Sunday school class. Sign up for a fellowship event. Come to the Men’s Breakfast or a Women’s Retreat. Worship and engage in conversation each week. Let us grow in friendship and get more connected.


If you haven’t seen it already, please check out the brochure insert that    Pr. Kate put together that announces all the small groups for September!


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Parking as an Act of Hospitality and Care

As we head into the fall, we will see a surge in attendance. It’s an important time to give a quick reminder; namely - your parking witness matters! It’s always nice to get a spot close to the front door of the church, but it’s an incredible gesture of hospitality if we can leave the closest spots for those who really need to be close. So, if you are able to park further away and get an extra few steps in, you really help us out. You are leaving space for many precious people: 1) those with mobility issues 2) new people and 3) those with small children who will be coming for Sunday school. With plenty of parking at Rosemont Elementary (half a block away) and both sides of the Casey Building (next door to Good Shepherd), I invite you to join me this fall in parking further away (if you can!). Will you join me? 



The new website is here

We are delighted to share that our new website is live! Our site ( is a great hub that includes rich information about our church, for both members and new people alike. There are still a few tweaks to be made in the coming weeks and you’ll see more blog posts and updated content every week.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • The domain name will stay the same. Go to, just like you used to do!

  • We have a new section under News called “Recent E-Newsletters”. There you can find the weekly e-newsletters for the church, youth, and more. This is the best place to look for current events, signup information, etc.

  • There is also a calendar that contains information about nearly every event we host. Click on the “Calendar” tab or go to

  • Our staff page has been expanded and updated. This is one of the first places new visitors check!

  • You always find our new sermons on the front page of the website, as well as the most recent blog post.

  • Visitors often find us first online! Please help us spread the good news by posting a 5 star review on Google or Facebook, sharing, and checking in on social media. We need your help to stay relevant in this digital age.