To truly listen is one of the greatest gifts you can offer another person. Over the last year, we have been training a new group of people to serve as Stephen Ministers.  They have gone through a year of learning what it means to be a Christian caregiver.  They’ve learned how to listen, pray, and accompany someone who may be dealing with some sort of personal change or struggle.   Most of our Stephen Ministers meet with their care receivers on a weekly basis. They keep the relationships confidential so that trust can develop and so it’s a safe place for those in need.  As a result, they really help us extend the care of the church.  Let me say that again- “Stephen Ministers really help us extend the care of the church”.


On Sunday, September 22, we will commission the following to be our newest Stephen Ministers. I am excited for them and for our church as they all are kind, caring, and incredibly faithful. They will do a terrific job for us and those in need.   Please give thanks and praise for:


Carolyn Bridgett

Elise Bowman

Rhoda McKenzie

Mark Walters

Sharon Besel


We had a terrific beginning to the new Sunday school year at Good Shepherd on Sunday, September 8.  288 people joined us with 144 adults and 144 children and youth!    We continually celebrate the fact that we are a multi-generational congregation that emphasizes lifelong learning. Children, teens, and adults turned out in a big way as we launched into a new year of learning last Sunday. There’s plenty of room for you!   Join us this weekend.  


*To learn more about Sunday School, click here.

*To learn about our Confirmation Program, click here.

*To learn about our Sunday Morning Adult Classes, click here.  

Kentlands Octoberfest — A Major Way To Reach Out!

"Let the amen sound from God's people again!" Sharing the good news of Jesus has always been a priority of the church through the centuries, and reaching new faces is a huge part of our vision for the future of Good Shepherd.  We will be having a Good Shepherd booth at the Kentlands Octoberfest (Sun. Oct 13) as a way to "get our name out" and engage with a wider circle of folks who may not have heard about our church. Almost 30,000 visitors are expected at this event, so we are going to need some help to make it happen!


· A few willing hands to help with setup and cleanup

· Creative folks who can help with face painting 

· Friendly, smiling volunteers to hand out balloons and chat about the great things Good Shepherd can offer

· Folks to just "stop by" during the festival and help build excitement


Let Pastor Kate know if you can fill any of these roles. We have a wonderful tradition of being a church that is engaged in the community. Help us continue to be a forward-looking place that invites others to know about the love of God!


PS - One of the German dance groups performing will feature Good Shepherd members Philip and Mark Meuschke. Keep an eye out for them!


Blessing of the Animals 2019

We invite the community to join us for a special "Blessing of the Animals" service on Sunday, October 6. The simple service will be at 4:00 pm in the church parking lot. Join us as we thank God for the gifts of companionship and beauty which animals and pets bring to our lives and homes and ask God's blessing on them. And, of course - bring your pet!

blessing of animals.jpg

Every August, Frances makes me go to Target for back to school shopping. We head to the aisle of school supplies and proceed to find notebooks that are on sale for 25 cents. During the rest of the year such notebooks are more than a dollar but in August, they are cheap.  So, we buy about 400 of them along with many boxes of crayons.  It takes two trips to the register and two trips to the car to get all the supplies.   The supplies aren’t for our kids. They are for our annual Memorial Day Project in which we prepare school kits for children around the globe.



When you have a cart of overflowing notebooks, people notice. Some look at you with suspicion, as if you might be robbing the store. Others look at you with a level of curiosity. Some simply ask you what you’re doing.  One woman and her college age daughter asked me, “are you a teacher?”  I told them I was a Pastor of a Lutheran church in Gaithersburg and the supplies were going to be donated to kids overseas as part of a project we’d be doing. The daughter said, “cool.”  The mom said, “that’s really neat”.  We went in separate lines to pay.  It took me a while to check out because of the volume.  I was talking to the checkout employee when suddenly, the inquisitive woman came up to me and handed me a $10 bill.  “I want to be a part of what you’re doing, so please let me help!”   I thanked her, she smiled, and we went our separate ways. 


The woman’s words have stuck with me— I want to be a part of what you’re doing, so please let me help!” It was a great witness and a reminder to me that people in our world are hungering to be a part of things that are meaningful.  As Christians, that applies to us.  We want to bless others. We want to make a difference.  We want our faith to have lasting impact on the world.  I am very proud of the work we do at Good Shepherd. I’m proud that we have more and more folks who experience our ministry and say with their time, talent, and resources, “I want to be a part of this, so let me help!”  So, as we start the fall, take action.  Be a part of the wave of generous giving at Good Shepherd.  Go to and make a gift today.   

Women's Ministry Event- Matilda the Musical on Nov. 3

Our own Breton Stailey will be performing in Matilda!!

Show tickets - Sunday, November 3rd, 2pm:
$18 for Seniors/Students
$22 for Regular

To get tickets and sign up for this event, contact Pastor Kate.

Still working on our restaurant for dinner, but perhaps JoJos again!!

Info on the show: Matilda the Musical is the story of an extraordinary girl who, armed with a vivid imagination and a sharp mind, dares to take a stand and change her own destiny.

Matilda is a little girl with astonishing wit, intelligence and psychokinetic powers. She’s unloved by her cruel parents but impresses her schoolteacher, the highly loveable Miss Honey. Over the course of her first term at school, Matilda and Miss Honey have a profound effect on each other’s lives, as Miss Honey begins not only to recognize but also appreciate Matilda’s extraordinary personality.

Matilda’s school life isn’t completely smooth sailing, however – the school’s mean headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, hates children and just loves thinking up new punishments for those who don’t abide by her rules. But Matilda has courage and cleverness in equal amounts and could be her classmates’ saving grace!

Special Gifts: A Big Success
Building Connections Special Gifts.jpg

I think it’s fair to say that “I’m confident in the people of Good Shepherd.” You rise to the occasion again and again. You have this inner drive to be generous and you are ready to act. In June, we launched a Special Gifts Campaign in which we invited you (the people of Good Shepherd) to help us furnish the newly renovated Shepherd’s Hall as well as some of the Education Wing. Many of you made donations in honor or memory of others. What a wonderful way to celebrate someone’s Christian witness. We’ve been able to move forward and purchase a lot of new items: tables, chairs, A/V system, and some new plants. Other items will soon be ordered. I want to simply say thank you. The total amount raised for the Special Gifts Campaign was $49,147 from 89 households. Amen! Your generosity has provided our spaces with a new, fresh, and inviting look. We will enjoy the use of these spaces for plenty of important ministry for many years to come!  


*Note: We will have a re-dedication of Shepherd’s Hall on Sunday, October 20.*


NEW Thursday Evening Women's Study- Starts Sept. 5

ROMANS- The Letter that Changed the World!



Shepherd’s Hall

A 13 week study starting Sept. 5th

Discover just how radical a message Paul's letter to the Romans really was--why it has inspired both hope and conflict through the centuries and why today it continues to challenge our culture and change hearts and lives. 

 For more info, contact the church office or Elise Bowman.


Pastor Ted's Adult Forum- "The Lesser Prophets" (Fall 2019)

Pastor Ted’s Adult Forum begins again on Sunday, September 8, 2019. The class meets each Sunday morning at 10:15 a.m in Shepherd’s Hall. Join us. Note- We are also looking to live stream this forum as soon as possible.

Overview for This Series:

Significant interest has been shown in the “Minor Prophets”.  Thus, this series.  It begins with an overview of prophecy in ancient Israel in among those known as the “Pre-writing Prophets,” folks like Samuel, Elijah, and Elijah.  Then a session will be given to the history of the 12 “minor” or “lesser” prophets. In Hebrew tradition, for example, they are grouped into one bock! These prophets span the national histories of the Hebrews, from the United Kingdom, to the division of the Kingdom into Israel and Judah, the Exile in Babylon, and the return from Exile. The Series ends on the Fourth Sunday in Advent with a session entitled: “Messianic Passages in the Lesser Prophets.”

Ancient Hebrew Prophecy and the Prophets of Israel

September 8                      “The Nabi, Seers, and Soothsayers: The Beginnings of Hebrew Prophecy”

September 15                    “Saint Augustine’s Unfortunate Title for Twelve Important Prophets”

September 22                    “Jonah – Profound Message for His Time, and Ours”

September 29                    “Joel – ‘Here Come’s Da Judge!”

October 6                            “Amos – When God Tires of our Singing!”

October 13                          “Hosea – When there Is No Truth in the Land!”

October 20                          Special Programming

October 27                          “Micah  - What Does the Lord Require of Us?”

Prophets to Judah

November 3                       “Nahum – The Price of Forgotten Repentance.”

November 10                     “Zephaniah – A Prophet with at Pedigree!

November 17                     “Habakkuk – Why Doesn’t God Do Something?”

Prophet of the Captivity

November 24                     “Obadiah – The Wisdom in Two Caves”

Prophets of the Return to Jerusalem

December 1                        “Haggai – First Things First!”

December 8                        “Zechariah – ’Throw it to the Potter!”

December 15                     “Malachi – Hope for Those Feeling Let Down”

December 22                     Bonus! “Messianic Passages in the “Lesser” Prophets!”

Overview for This Series:

Significant interest has been shown in the “Minor Prophets”.  Thus, this series.  It begins with an overview of prophecy in ancient Israel in among those known as the “Pre-writing Prophets,” folks like Samuel, Elijah, and Elijah.  Then a session will be given to the history of the 12 “minor” or “lesser” prophets. In Hebrew tradition, for example, they are grouped into one bock! These prophets span the national histories of the Hebrews, from the United Kingdom, to the division of the Kingdom into Israel and Judah, the Exile in Babylon, and the return from Exile. The Series ends on the Fourth Sunday in Advent with a session entitled: “Messianic Passages in the Lesser Prophets.”

Ponder Anew

What was the first song that was ever sung by the people of Good Shepherd? Let me give you some context. In November of 1964, Good Shepherd held its first public worship service at Gaithersburg Junior High School. As folks gathered, Barbara Zanner was playing a Bach prelude. As she finished, the congregation stood up and belted out their first hymn together, “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.” When I learned that, I smiled. It’s a hymn that tells the story of Good Shepherd, and a hymn I want at my funeral (someday). Here’s Verse 3:


Praise to the Lord, who will prosper your work and defend you;

surely his goodness and mercy shall daily attend you.

Ponder anew what the Almighty can do

if with his love he befriend you.


Ponder anew. Pay attention again. Be open to the possibilities God has in store for you (as an individual and as a community of faith). At Good Shepherd, we are continually “pondering anew” and always asking “God, what’s next?”   Because we ask that question on an ongoing basis, we gain insight and directions that help us minister to a needy world. As we enter September, I encourage you to ponder anew what God can do in your life. I challenge you to see this time of year as a new beginning; an opportunity to connect and grow in faith. Jump into a Sunday school class. Sign up for a fellowship event. Come to the Men’s Breakfast or a Women’s Retreat. Worship and engage in conversation each week. Let us grow in friendship and get more connected.


If you haven’t seen it already, please check out the brochure insert that    Pr. Kate put together that announces all the small groups for September!


Ponder Anew.png
Parking as an Act of Hospitality and Care

As we head into the fall, we will see a surge in attendance. It’s an important time to give a quick reminder; namely - your parking witness matters! It’s always nice to get a spot close to the front door of the church, but it’s an incredible gesture of hospitality if we can leave the closest spots for those who really need to be close. So, if you are able to park further away and get an extra few steps in, you really help us out. You are leaving space for many precious people: 1) those with mobility issues 2) new people and 3) those with small children who will be coming for Sunday school. With plenty of parking at Rosemont Elementary (half a block away) and both sides of the Casey Building (next door to Good Shepherd), I invite you to join me this fall in parking further away (if you can!). Will you join me? 



GSLC Endowment Fund: Special 2019 Fall Grant Announcement

GSLC Endowment Fund: Special 2019 Fall Grant Announcement


The GS Mission Endowment Fund promotes the growth of the church by providing scholarships to seminarians and grants to promote ministries, missions, and activities to support those in need and to spread the good news of Christ into the broader community. This spring we were able to provide three scholarships to seminarians and helped support a feeding program in Haymarket VA that helped children in need.


We are happy to announce we will consider new applications this fall. The special fall application period for grants and scholarships is underway and runs through September 30. Grants will be announced in late October. Applications are available in the church office and online at Questions? See Pastor Dave or other members of the Endowment Committee (Christine Bauer, Kirk Betts, Gary Bowman, Bill Buslee, and Tim Smith).